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The city of Chicago (its colors, shapes and sounds) shaped young Nick Paciorek’s world.


As a teenager, Paciorek spent countless hours at art exhibits. He continually returned to his favorite, an impressionism collection at a museum in downtown Chicago. It was then that Matisse became his central influence.


As an artist, Paciorek aligns himself with a new generation of Fauvists. He uses broad strokes of brilliant color for their emotional impact.


Each of his pieces is a celebration of light and color, a vivid interpretation of his subjects. For him, choosing the exact combination of hues for each painting is foremost.


Large cities with active skylines, busy streets and hard edges are some of Pacioreks’s favorite subjects. He’s influenced by the relationship of one building to another and the immediacy of light hitting in a certain way. Painting cafés is another means for him to represent the mood of a city.


His favorite medium is oil on canvas. Some of his best original works are also available as limited editions  canvas prints, hand embellished by him. He now maintains a studio in Providence.

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Contemporary Convas Print

Nick Paciorek (USA)

Oil On Canvas

J. Weinstein (Israel)

In 2000, J. Weinstein went on a sabbatical leave from her work as an English teacher in Israel. She attended college in Seattle, Washington to study drawing and watercolor. It was a real pleasure, a dream come true. Since then she has devoted herself to painting, her passion, through which she can give free rein to her creativity.


Upon returning to Israel, she continued attending workshops. In 2008 she won a major prize in a national competition. She had several solo exhibitions in Israel, as well as one in Budapest, Hungary in 2010 and one in New York in 2011.


Most of her works are oil paintings, some are in acrylic and pastel. They are inspired by colors, and the joy they bring to our lives. Her favorite themes are landscapes and cityscapes. She says that even if she could find the right words to properly describe the atmosphere she tries to bring to her paintings, she would rather have these paintings speak for themselves.  See more of J. Weinstein's work.

Aurélie Moreau calls herself a citizen of the Universe, a daughter of the Sun and of the Ocean.


She was born and raised in Paris alternately by her mother, a painter, her father, an architect, and an uncle who was a painter and engraver, and who very early on initiated her into the secrets of drawing, with daily exercises.


At the age of 13, she was already working with clay. After high school, she attended “l’Ecole de Beaux Arts” in Paris for three years, then “l’Académie de la Grande Chaumière” for one year.


She worked in architecture for a while, which she found very enlightening. At the same time, she met with the French sculptor René Coutelle and started carving stone under his tutellage in his workshop/garden in Paris’ 20th district. She also practiced African dance in Le Marais.After this, she gave up architecture and went back to sculpture. Aurélie is constantly striving to express deep feelings or visions through her art.


She speaks all the langages of sculpture: giving permanency to a concept with clay, then translating it with bronze; carving wood, giving life to stone.


Her recurrent themes are reflection, balance, taking flight, elevation, water, the Universe, opening up. See more of Aurélie's work.


She lives and works in Lyon, France where she also teaches the rudiments of sculpture.

About water, one of her major themes, she says:

“Water is poured from one container to the other. Water dissolves in water.

Water always returns to its sources or to the sea.”

A. Moreau (France)


Lynn Creighton is a sculptor creating bronze female figures of women experiencing the full vibratory rate of their inner core.  They are metaphors for women awakening to the gift of their own energy and what it is meant to do. These figures represent women learning to celebrate their own lives from a deep inner connection to the creator profoundly sensed as the creator creates through them.  These are women experiencing their lives from the source of all energy, discovering who they are and what they are meant to be and do in the joyful enactment of life.


Creighton’s female figures are abstractions, or, more precisely and meaningfully, essentialities.  In strictly art historical terms they are related to the pioneering visions of Henry Moore, Jean Arp, or Constantin Brancusi.  Like theirs, Creighton’s is modernist work in which only essence is left.


See Lynn's sculptures in our Modern Sculpture gallery.

Lynn Creighton (USA)

Oil On Canvas
Oil On Canvas

Hessam Abrishami

Hessam Abrishami was born in Shiraz, Iran, in 1951.  he was greatly influenced by the ancient history surrounding him in his childhood.  Seeking freedom from the limitations imposed on contemporary Iranian society, Hessam left his home country to expand his knowledge and awareness of the outside, changing world.  His quest for artistic excellent took him to Italy where he began his higher education at the Academia di Belle Arti Pietro Vanucci in Perugia, Italy. 


Hessam Abrishami is master of vibrant colors, dynamic composition, and powerful expression.  He has been professionally contributing to the contemporary art scene for more than forty years.  Today, Hessam has countless private collectors worldwide and has exhibited in over 100 one-man shows, over 25 International Exhibitions and multiple museum exhibits.  Some include Museum of Contemporary Arts in Tehran, Museum of Arts and Sciences Daytona Beach, and Museum of Contemporary Art of Hot Springs, Arkansas. 


Hessam’s oeuvre has become much more than a grand collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures.  It has become a legacy. 


See Hessam's vibrant paintings



As far as Mireille can remember, she has had a pencil or a paint brush in hand. Born in the north of France, she studied marketing and advertising, but then decided to pursue a master in Arts.


She taught drawing and painting during several years in Lyon. After her family (husband and three children) moved to the Alps, southeast of France, she opened in 2002 her own arts school, where  students of all ages can learn all the techniques (watercolor, pastel, oil, acrylic, drawing, etc.)


While initiating her students, she experiments with new techniques in her own work. She uses a variety of materials and fabrics, inlayed lace, cardboard, paper, sand and self-made fillers that she covers with acrylic painting, and oil finishes, making each composition a unique painting.

She also works in tandem with decorators for interior design.

Her painting universe often revolves around the theme of the woman and her secret world, her feelings, her attitude, her grace…


She finds inspiration in the chance encounter of a new face, the meeting of some eyes, a color, a texture, and as soon as a new painting idea is triggered, she starts sketching it on canvas.


  See Mireille's Mixed Media Paintings

Mireille Stuc (France)

Oil On Canvas

Ukrainian-born sculptor and painter Len Kovsky has been creating art on both sides of the Atlantic for more than 40 years. Formative years spent in the Soviet Union set the stage for his irreverent, darkly humorous works.


Artistically, Len has been influenced by two great Spaniards of the twentieth century: Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, taking from the first incredible freedom of expression and from the second - even more of the same.

Vivid colors, bold, geometric shapes, and hyperbolized features give Len's work a touch of the grotesque, reminiscent of off-the-beaten-path storybook illustrators like Tomi Ungerer. His art is peopled with melancholy drunkards, peasants grappling in nose-to-nose combat, chicken fights that
break out during formal dinners, and a slew of inventions never seen or heard of. But under the wild and whimsical surface is an aesthetic philosophy that draws heavily from literature, poetry, religion, and mythology. Len is most at home when occupying this space between the sublime and the comical, where everyday events are turned inside out and upside down, and where the unknown and unknowable spring to life."    See Len Kovsky's whimsical sculptures.

Len Kovsky (USA)

Oil On Canvas

Julienne studied cultural anthropology and juvenile literature in California before moving east to study photography in Boston. She graduated from the New England School of Photography in 1994 with a major in portraiture and a minor in experimental color.  She has been exhibiting her art in galleries for over 20 years and has added painting (oil and watercolor), multimedia , site specific installations and film to her repertoire of mediums to express her ideas. 


Julienne's influences are many and might not correlate directly to her work.  Robert Frank, Nick Bantok, Josephine Boles (her Grandmother), Joseph Cornell, and Tom Waits are among her most beloved and influential creative minds. When she finds herself bereft of inspiration she turns to opening books of poetry at random or tapping shuffle on her Ipod and working with the first song that comes up.


"I'm inspired by questions - the end of the story before the beginning. My images are diverse and often funny or dark, sometimes both. Visually, subjects tend to cling to edges or walk off them creating what I like to call a mini-gestalt ride.  Sometimes I know what I am about to illustrate because I'm working through something and other times I'm surprised as hell at what winds up getting created."  - Julienne Givot, San Francisco, CA


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Julienne Givot (USA)

Oil On Canvas

Marieke Rolland (USA) was born in the Netherlands in 1951. She graduated from Hervormd Lyceum, a language school in Amsterdam. She moved to the USA in 1972, got married, worked in real estate and became a part time tennis teacher, while pursuing her passion for the arts, and for decorative painting in particular.


Currently residing in South Florida, Marieke sees life through a happy and abstract lens, full of color and with a passion for composition.


See a gallery of Marieke's vibrant acrylic paintings


Marieke Rolland (USA)

Oil On Canvas

Cathy Bion is a visual artist based in Paris, France, whose tool is not a brush but a camera.


Harbors are her favorite subject and she travels all around the world to capture their essence : from Morocco to Brittany, from Portugal to Australia.… 


In the radiant light of the docks, she looks at colors and materials with the eye of a painter, as a testimony of man’s activity. She zooms in on a little scratch, a rust spot, a specific shade, all traces transformed by the passage of time and the secret alchemy of nature.


Focusing on colours and natural or man-made materials, her photography is abstract and always unretouched, producing an effect not dissimilar to painting.


Cathy Bion started photography at the age of 8 and began traveling as a teenager.


Her photobook Couleurs d'alizés (Trade winds colours), showcasing her art and featuring writings from art critics has been published by Critères Editions in 2010 .


For the past 15 years, Cathy has been organizing art workshops and creating artist books. Her pictures have been published on books covers, cards and posters : they are part of public and private collections in France, Morocco, Japan and Australia.


Her work has been exhibited in France and abroad (Japan, Morocco, Australia, Hong-Kong).

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Cathy Bion (France)

Oil On Canvas